Another 1960s Outing


Hi-def Photo




Here is a photo probably taken in the early 1960's.

We can identify Bill & Kath Oaks far left (Landlord & Landlady), and then of course Mr Fred Rozzier, and on the other end is Mr Sherman.

Mick Peppiatt tells us that the man 4th from left is Loder Miller, 8th from left is Charlie Miller and 16th from left is Victoria Miller (nee Pottle). I believe the lady in the front with a summer dress on is Mrs Smith but will not swear to it.

Sally Barnes says that her grandmother, Maggie Miller (nee Charity), is the lady tenth from the left.

Plenty more gaps if anyone has any ideas. Click on names to see the index.

Click on hi-def image to see more detail but it may take a while to download.

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