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An interesting photograph taken from Hollesley church tower kindly donated by Phil Shimmon.
The most obvious thing about this picture is that the is no no Mill's pit, just an open field rising up towards the old village hall in the top left hand corner. You can just make out the lean-to built on the back of the old wooden hall, midway down the picture opposite the house where Mr Crane lived with the smoking chimney. You can make out the white gable end of the Shepherd & Dog. The street runs right through to the top right hand corner of the photo. A little ways up from the pub you can see George Whyard's shop The Supply Stores; it has a poster or sign on the gable end. Then the police station and so on up to Duck Corner where the council houses rise up with the tree line. The date could be circa 1930 or 40, suggestions welcome.

Compare this photo with Toady's View and the 360 degree panorama taken on 15th May 2010.

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