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Your chance to win money and help to
preserve the church tower

The 200 Club is being introduced to assist in the raising of funds for the Hollesley Tower Restoration Fund.

The 200 Club is simplicity itself to join and every participant gets the chance to win in the monthly draw. Members must be over 16 years old to join and pay by monthly standing order. (Cheques are accepted for annual payment - no cash will be collected).

All you need to do is decide HOW MANY NUMBERS YOU WANT, complete your details and the standing order form below and hand it back to a committee member to get you entered. You will receive a card confirming your monthly numbers and the winning numbers will be posted on this website (tinyurl.com/hollesleywinners) after each draw.

Although we are calling it the 200 Club, we will of course run with however many subscribers we can get — the more the merrier!

The rules are simple: The entry tickets are £5 per month per number. 60% of each months subscriptions are paid out as prize money to 4 monthly winners as follows:

1st Prize = 50% of prize money
2nd Prize = 25% of prize money
3rd Prize = 15% of prize money
4th Prize = 10% of prize money

Obviously, the more of us that take part — the bigger the prize — our target is at least 200. The more members bigger the prizes!

Monthly Draw
If all 200 numbers are sold @ £5 then total takings each month will be : £1,000. The prize money for each month would be 60% of £1,000, i.e. £600




1st Prize



2nd Prize



3rd Prize



4th Prize



NB : The prizes will be reduced or increased pro-rata to the numbers sold.

Anyone can join - friends, family and work colleagues
Please note that monthly subscriptions must be received before the draw otherwise your numbers won’t be included — so we have made the date of the standing order payments on the 1st day of each month and participants will not be included if their subscription is not received by 15th day of the month.

The draw will take place on the third OR fourth Friday of each month at 9.30 pm in the Shepherd and Dog (subject to agreement). See Winners page for actual dates.

Download application form.




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