Hollesley Choir

War Memorial



This is Hollesley choir on the occasion of the wedding in the 1930s at St Martin-in-the-Fields of Miss Gillian Barrington, a daughter of the Hon. Bernard and Mrs Barrington, to Mt Richard Alderson, son of Sir Edward Hall Alderson. In the picture Miss Barrington is seated on the left of the vicar.

Front row: Bertie Middleditch, Harry Middleditch, Dickie Middleditch, Wally Miller, Jimmy Smith, Ray Middleditch.
Middle row: Esme Prew, Vera Middleditch, Phyllis Beaton, Kay May Lennard, Revd. Arthur Wicks, Hon. Gillian Barrington, Phyllis Collins, Dorothy Hood, May Cooper.
Back row: Monty Sherman, Brian Sherman, Hugh Sherman, Grace Sherman, Marion Cooper (Norton), Edna Collins (Willams), Jimmy Prew, Cecil Middleditch, Mr Rooke (organist).

Take a look at a further group gathered around the War Memorial.

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