We are now fortunate to have installed a new camera connected to the Internet. This improves the security of the church at very low cost because we have free Broadband in the church. The camera uses infrared at night and can detect motion at unexpected times whereupon images or videos of any intruder are emailed to authorities in charge of security.

You can not only pan and zoom remotely over the whole of the interior of the church but also listen to the music live! Passwords and userids are available for events for a specific duration by emailing me and then clicking here and you are in! Best results are with Internet Explorer (not Firefox in this case). This facility not only improves security but also allows events to be seen over the internet by anyone who cannot physically attend. Only recently a relation in Qatar was able to observe a Christening.

The camera is positioned so that even the bellringers can be watched and listened to.

Free Wifi is also available in the church; again please email me for the password.

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